The Start of Something New

I think congratulations are in order. I’ve managed to continue writing a blog that is longer than a single entry. Go me!

This entry in Thursday Nights marks my first real reviews of my favourite NBC sitcoms. Eager to hear my thoughts on the premiere episodes? Thought so.

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Pre-season Thoughts and Expectations

Welcome to the first post of many in my new blog about NBC Comedy Thursdays. In their new line-up of shows that air every Thursday night from 8:00PM to 10:00PM, I will be blogging about Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. NBC’s new show this year which will making it debut at 9:30PM (taking the place of an old favourite of mine, 30 Rock) is called Whitney. Since my TV schedule is already packed this year, I’m going to have to pass on watching Whitney. Unless I hear it’s absolutely terrific, in which case I’ll give it a watch.

Since all three shows are beginning their new seasons tonight, I’ve decided to start my blog off with things I’ve read and heard about that are up and coming to each show. Once upon a time I kept an active blog over at Livejournal, and I’d post my thoughts after watching episodes of various shows. This blog will be managed in a similar fashion, just without (too much) fangirling. That being said, I must provide you with a WARNING: I tend to get overly emotional about fictional characters and relationships.

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