Olivia. Twenty years old. Another year older in May. Gemini and a nineties kid. Born and raised in the GTA. Canadian down to the bone. Working at a movie theatre and grocery store (I’m a pro at customer service). University student majoring in English, minoring in Anthropology and Professional Writing. Aspiring editor/publisher and teacher.

A few more things you should know about me:

  • Most of my free time is spent watching re-runs of TV shows or movies I’ve already seen.
  • I’ve been described as a movie snob. Which I don’t deny.
  • I enjoy playing all kinds of Nintendo games. I will kick your ass at Mario Kart.
  • When it comes to music, it’s very hard for me to declare any favourites because it’s always changing.
  • My friends would say I talk too much. I don’t think I’m talkative, unless the subject excites me.
  • I take pride in my never-ending love for television shows, so if you’re into the same shows as me, we’ll be instant friends.
  • I’m a sucker for relationships (or ‘ships’) that transpire in TV shows, so you’ll read about my feelings towards them quite often.

I decided to create a blog about reviewing three of my favourite television shows because honestly, nothing else would have kept me interested. Maybe that’s sad, but I like to look at it as my pop culture enthusiastic nature taking precedence over all other parts of me. Which it tends to do. A lot.

I could have written about a bunch of different shows, or even movies or celebrities, but these three shows stuck out in my mind. They’ve kept me entertained for years, and I’ll be watching them until NBC decides to pull the plug.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and feel free to share your own!


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