All Hallows’ Evening

As always with my reviews, I’m a little behind from when the episodes air to when I get to review them. I like to keep my linear-like method in tact, so this week I’ll be reviewing all of the Halloween episodes from a couple weeks ago.

Following my recent tradition of sharing a video I enjoyed watching before posting my reviews, I’ve got another one here for you. What I love about magazines like TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly is that they tend to shoot video of their stars while doing a photo shoot. This usually brings about cute little interviews like this one:

I love the Parks cast so much. They all seem to have so much fun together and this thing they have going, where they make up ridiculous stories of one another, I love it.

On with my reviews! Happy reading!

“Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” | Season 3 Episode 5

In this installment of the recently benched NBC sitcom (the network’s decision certainly has me worried about my favourite college-set show… fingers crossed everyone!) the study group shares not-so-scary ghost stories. It’s pretty hilarious that Britta is so sure that one of her companions is verifiably insane. Although if I were to peg anyone as a bit off-the-mark, I’d pick Annie. She has the history! And all kinds of reasons to snap.

I love all the strange hook-ups we get from these stories. Like Abed and Britta. And Annie-vampire!Jeff-Britta.  Abed’s story may be my favourite just because of the realism factor. And Abed humming a tune to enrich the realism while Troy follows along is priceless.

We get the obvious vampire rip-off  from Annie that was to be expected, and the Frankenstein-like tale from Troy. The tales get creepier and crazier as the episode progresses. Even I was a little grossed out by Annie’s hyper-descriptive gory ending. Of course Pierce’s story has him as a rich pimp with racist overtones. Still funny though!

Favourite scene of the episode: Britta pouring marijuana all over her body as Jeff exclaims “That’s my kind of pot bong!”

Shirley’s story was definitely the scariest of the bunch. Dean was a super feminine Lucifer, for Christ’s sake! Pun intended. I love that the conclusion drawn by the group is that Britta is the insane one, and all is well when it turns out everyone’s insane except for Abed. Figures!

“Meet n Greet” | Season 4 Episode 5

This is one episode of Parks where I’m not totally enthralled with Leslie’s plot line. However, the void is nicely filled with April and Andy’s Halloween party. Ben steps into the role of party-pooper and refuses to join the party he didn’t know about. At his own place of residence. Typical uninformed Ben. It really sucks that Leslie and Tom aren’t attending the party, I was looking forward to their costumes.

There’s a great thing Parks does that other sitcoms don’t tend to do. They establish relationships between ALL of their characters. This week has Ron and Ann fixing things around Andy and April’s house and developing an adorable bond while doing so. Not gonna lie, I may have discovered a new couple in the making!

Leslie knows Pawneeans so well: “When in doubt in Pawnee, slam salad.” Fits with the unfit nature of the town. Tom would make Leslie’s campaign about his failure of a company. I do love the scene where Leslie and Tom squabble in the mobile hot tub Tom managed to find. The fact that there’s a stretch Hummer limo with a hot tub built in that exists in the world is amazing to me.

Things I learned from Meet n Greet: Leslie is the greatest friend you could ever have, Ron knows a lot about a lot of things, and Ben is truly the male version of myself. His passive-aggressive nature mixed with his inability to have fun at a party proves my point. Also, Tom does have a heart. That video he makes of Leslie’s life moved me to tears. Okay, maybe not, but Leslie was crying.

“Spooked” | Season 8 Episode 5

The Office sticks with their yearly tradition of throwing an office Halloween party. I love the glimpse we get of Dwight’s previous and apparently “dangerous” costumes. He wins best costume in my books. He puts in so much effort compared to everyone else! I mean, Jim, Kevin and Darryl’s basketball costumes? Lame.

Robert California makes his weekly appearance in Scranton and of course Andy gets all ‘Mr. Boss Man’ on everyone. Poor Erin suffers the wrath of Andy. Aw, I love her and her Wendy costume. Robert visits the HR department and makes Kelly, a usually bubbly person, seem hopelessly depressed. James Spader, ladies and gentlemen!

Ugh, Gabe. Least favourite character by a mile. I laugh at him, and not with him. Erin enlisting his help to amp up the Halloween party is the worst decision she could have made. The ‘edgy’ video he tells Erin to show is embarrassingly horrible. That shot of Stanley getting in his car is hilarious! I hate but also love those second-hand embarrassment moments that occur so often in the Office. A nice one-liner is the product:

Erin: This game is called Pecker Poker. It’s the game of cards that gets you… hard.

Oh god, Erin. Let me hug you. Robert connects the dots and has Erin and Andy talk about the uncomfortable feeling between them. It’s revealed that Andy is going steady with someone that’s not Erin. My heart! MY HEARRRRRRT!!! At least they share a nice hug at the end of the episode. I’m still sad, though.

The end of the episode has Robert telling a scary story that touches on every person’s deepest fears, and this is why I love this man. He knows how to get a reaction out of these people, and he uses it for their benefit. What a terrific CEO he has become.

Note: This is edit 6B.


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