Three for Three

Prepping for my reviews is something I do every week. Usually that means eating breakfast and watching the episodes again so all of the jokes are fresh in my mind, but this week I decided I wanted to do something different. Bloopers or gag reels are always a laugh riot on the sets of sitcoms, so I watched a few videos on YouTube. Here’s Community’s first part of their second season bloopers:

Just by looking at this week’s set of episode titles I know I’m in for a good hour of laughs while I re-watch and review. As always, the reviews start behind the cut. Happy reading!

“Remedial Chaos Theory” | Season 3 Episode 4

Without a doubt, this episode is my favourite of the season. The concept itself is terrific, with each member of the group providing a different timeline depending on who has to go get the pizza at Troy and Abed’s new apartment (I just sang that in my head. Damn.)

Being a bit of a sci-fi nerd, I can’t help but pick out the over-lapping occurrences each time a new timeline is created. Britta putting on Roxanne by the Police, then going to light up a joint, or Jeff hitting his head on the fan, or Pierce gifting a troll to Troy. Of course, with the absence of each member of the group, different things happen in each timeline.

It’s a draw for which timeline I enjoyed the most. The ‘dark’ one where the whole apartment goes up in flames, or the last one where Britta finally gets to sing Roxanne and everyone present starts dancing. Kind of shows that with Jeff not around they’re quite the fun loving bunch.

Best moments of the episode: Troy walking back into the apartment seeing Pierce’s troll surrounded by flames and screaming out in fright, seeing the study group dance to Roxanne, or the reincarnation of the dark timeline in Abed’s dream.

“Pawnee Rangers” | Season 4 Episode 4

As per usual, another perfect episode of Parks. ‘Pawnee Rangers’ pits Leslie against Ron in who can run the most fun outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) club. Guess who claims victory?

The Pawnee Goddesses reminds me of boy scouts, with their purple vests emblazoned with badges of all sorts, while the Pawnee Rangers is more like a prison in the woods for pre-adolescent boys. The girls have pillow fights, craft time, and smores-offs while the boys are taught to ‘stay alive’ and build shelters out of cardboard boxes and canvas sheets. It’s an easy choice for which club I’d like to join!

Back in town, Tom and Donna celebrate ‘Treat Yo Self’ day with Ben, something that I must start taking part in once a year. The outcome of their adventure to Eagleton has Ben dressed up as the Dark Knight when he picks the one thing he wants to treat himself to. I’m shedding a tear for Ben’s remarkable ability to be the male reincarnation of myself. Literally, I would be him if I was a man.

I’m snickering when Leslie is being taught by her own girls about equality. Her mini Leslie Knopes kind of get on my nerves, but ultimately they add to the great gloriousness of the Pawnee Goddesses. All the children end up as Goddesses, no surprise. They have puppies and candy! Leslie is the best, done and done.

One last thing: TREAT YO SELF!

“Garden Party” | Season 8 Episode 4

This episode ranks in my top ten best episodes of The Office ever. From the graffiti-ridden billboards to Dwight’s hilarious presentations during the garden party, this episode is all laughs. By the way, what the heck is a garden party?!? Never heard of one before. Just seems like a tea party that’s outside. That’s all it is, right?

Jim concocts another devious plan to embarrass Dwight. His book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Garden Party’ which he gets into Dwight’s hands has the most amusing things for Dwight to do during Andy’s party. Dwight shouting out the names of the incoming guests is by far the best of the bunch.

Oh yeah, there’s Josh Groban! Interesting guest appearance. I’m wondering why they had him as Andy’s brother other than to outshine Andy’s singing abilities. One of those uncomfortable second-hand embarrassment moments that The Office is famous for.

Poor Andy. This episode really reveals his ‘rosebud’ as Oscar puts it. His parents are so uptight and his brother, being Josh Groban, is more handsome and more talented, he can’t help but want to prove himself time and again to his coworkers. I want to give him a hug. Or have Erin hug him. Either would be fine.

The last two minutes has Jim taking advantage of Dwight’s loud announcement of guests arriving. Killing myself laughing!

Note: This is edit 5C.


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