A Few Filler Episodes

The week before Halloween is always a spooky time, isn’t it? I’m hearing more and more about the upcoming Halloween themed episodes for my favourite NBC comedies. Take a peek at what’s in store for Ben when April and Andy throw a party at their house:

Looks like Ben’s being his usual party-pooper self. I hope someone gets a few drinks into him and he’ll liven up a bit. As always, reviews are after the cut! Happy reading!

“Competitive Ecology” | Season 3 Episode 3

I’ve gotta say, this wasn’t my favourite episode of Community by a long shot. It screams filler from the very start. The study group is met with the task of making a diorama with a lab partner. Of course, any time this group of seven (note the odd number!) has to work with anyone else, they do whatever they need to do to work together. Fortunately that’s taken care of within the first five minutes. Poor Pierce is the odd one out, and he’s stuck with Todd. I like the outsider viewpoint he brings to the episode, pretty much screaming out my feelings to the group.

Quickly, Britta, Troy and Annie are having doubts about their partner arrangements (no surprise!) I do like that the show pokes fun at itself here. The obvious partner arrangements of Jeff-Annie, Troy-Abed, and Shirley-Britta don’t work out. Personalities clash, people get annoyed with each other, and before we know it the group is picking new partners based on popularity. I’m already seeing the problems that will come out of this. Jeff’s ginormous ego forces him to question how he got stuck with Todd, and now everyone’s a little miffed on how they ranked on the popularity scale.

To be honest, I’m becoming bored with the group’s constant need to classify one another. It’d be nice if they worked together to accomplish something, like forming a school group or overcoming some obstacle that they all care about (hello, shut down of Greendale. Make it happen, Harmon.) Best quote of the episode is from Todd: “YOUR LOVE IS WEIRD!” Like a true group of friends, the blame for their fight is placed on poor Todd. He needs a hug.

“Born and Raised” | Season 4 Episode 3

First and foremost, Dan Castellaneta making a guest appearance is well-received by myself and I’m sure everyone else watching. Leslie wrote a book! About Pawnee! What a surprise! Not. You can buy this book at your local book store. Really cool thing NBC is doing by actually allowing people to read her book. My friend who I watch Parks with every week has a copy. There’s some great things inside there.

In this episode, Leslie’s vying for Joan Callamezo’s Book Club sticker, the only thing to get Pawnee citizens to buy books. As soon as Leslie is called out on Joan’s show as not a born-and-raised Pawnean, I called Eagleton. It would be absolutely perfect (and unfortunately ironic) if she was born in Pawnee’s rival city. And I was right! Poor Leslie takes a big punch to her homegrown identity with that revelation.

The B plot this episode has Ben and Tom trying to win over Joan, not only for Leslie’s book but to promote Tom’s business, Entertainment 720. The hold Tom has over Joan is frankly quite odd. Loved this exchange at the restaurant:

Joan: Drink up, Tom. I’m going to go powder my nose, amongst other things… If you know what I mean.
Ben: Is she going to powder her vagina?

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Ben and Tom’s adventure escalates quickly when Joan gets plastered and they’re heaving her onto her bed. Tears are streaming down my face at this point. I think the only thing that’s funnier than Joan’s bedroom decorations is Ben’s reaction to the decorum. “WHERE AM I??” Thankfully, Leslie’s book gets in the book club and with the quote “It’s not where you’re born, it’s where you’re from” it’s safe to say this episode made me shed more than a tear of joy.

Last note I’ll make: Ben and Leslie’s combined nerdy nature is making my fangirl head explode. They need to get back together soon.

“Lotto” | Season 8 Episode 3

Still loving the Office’s opening scenes. Oscar shattering the car door window for the seemingly trapped dog was pretty funny. Although that car had an open sunroof… Hm.

The warehouse crew won the lottery! Darryl is pouting, but aptly. I’d be pouting too if my ex-coworkers won $950,000 each. With the warehouse workers absent and Darryl taking the task of hiring new staff, Jim, Dwight, Kevin and Erin are responsible for filling an order. Dwight manages to run the forklift into the wall within seconds of arriving. Typical Dwight. All of the different ways the four scheme up to get the boxes onto the truck without manual labour are hilarious. My personal favourite being spreading grease on the floor and sliding the boxes down the floor towards the truck.

Not going to lie, I’m not a Darryl fan. So, I’m gliding over his story line. I don’t like people who sulk. Especially over something they can’t change. Although Andy in any kind of awkward situation is always amusing.

Favourite part of the episode would be Jim and Pam arguing what they would do with lottery winnings. OR Oscar ogling the buff potential warehouse worker. OR Kevin slipping on the greased up floor. I liked a lot of things about this episode, apparently.

Note: This is edit 4C.


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