The Succeeding Episodes

Another week, another set of reviews! The set of episodes I’m reviewing this week are episode 2 of each show’s new season. This way I’ll have the first five episodes of each show’s new season reviewed by the end of November. Keep coming back to read my thoughts on the new episodes after they air!

As always, a link to each episode will follow the heading, and I’ll be adding pictures and a poll to every entry. Happy reading!

“Geography of Global Conflict” | Season 3 Episode 2

Another fantastic guest star this week on Community. Martin Starr from the hilarious and short-lived sitcom Party Down takes a teaching position at Greendale Community College. Another one of the most talented and under-rated comedy actors out there.

This episode, my not so favourite character Annie takes a central role as a rival, Annie Kim, makes her presence known to the over achiever. Meh. To be honest, any time Annie gets super competitive (which is 95% of the time) I only get annoyed. I can be honest and say this may be due to my lack of drive when it comes to academics. Point is, when it comes to Annie Edison, I appreciate her face and that’s about it. Alison Brie is S T U N N I N G.

Annie and her arch-enemy “Other Annie” compete in a United Nations debate… type… thing. Jeff takes a strange interest of course, his goal to get into Annie’s pants I’m sure. Sorry, I’m trying hard to get behind this relationship, but I love Britta way too much. I do love the rest of the cast’s hilarious impersonations of the UN representatives. Especially Troy’s Georgian UN delegate, who of course has a Southern accent. Oh, Troy.

Britta, meanwhile, is busy “raging against the machine” by attempting to knock over garbage bins and locking herself in dog cages by squirting what looks like ketchup over a globe. Britta and her need to rebel and be different is what makes her one of the best female characters on television. She’s so human. It’s nice to see amongst this cast of caricatures. Senor Chang takes this opportunity to be an outstanding campus policeman and take down Britta the Rebel.

After Annie freaks out (Alison Brie does do the best freak outs, I will admit) and Jeff touchingly consoles her with a nice romantic chin-raise, the group comes together to win the UN competition. And, of course, Britta crashes the party with a amusing display of rebellion and Senor Chang stuns her with a taser. Chang and Britta make a cool team.

I was generally underwhelmed with this episode. Gillian Jacobs is spot-on as always, but maybe the Annie storyline is what kept me at a distance. Oh well.

“Ron and Tammys” | Season 4 Episode 2

Leslie and crew are fighting for their budget this episode while Ron is dealing with the return of Tammy One, played by Patricia Clarkson. Ben attempts to help out Tom with his new company, Entertainment Seven Twenty, which has the coolest headquarters I have ever seen. I really want to know where Tom and Jean Ralphio are getting the money to make this building what it is. The chair/sofa things they’ve got going on? I want one. In my room. RIGHT NOW.

The actor that plays Jean Ralphio always makes the best of his screen time. “You need a thicker tie. The thin one makes your head look like a fish.” Cut to a shot of Adam Scott. KILLING ME.

Back at city hall, Tammy One has quickly made her presence known. Patricia Clarkson as the blonde ice queen is a great casting choice. Every time she opens her mouth I get a chill down my spine. All of the staff is bending to her every request and April, for one, loves it. “She’s the cold distant mother I never had. I love her.” And one week later, Ron has lost his mustache. Something I’d never thought I’d see, and I swear the image is like a knife through my eye socket. So weird. He looks like a completely different man!

Leslie attempts to coax Ron out of his new, wimpy, mustache-less self to no avail. Tammy One is frightful to say the least. The way she has Ron wrapped around her finger the way no one has ever done before is terrifying. Being a clever lady, Leslie seeks out Ron’s mom for help and I can tell where Ron gets his stern, hard-handed personality. Tammy One, Tamara Swanson and Leslie engage in a drinking competition with what can only be straight alcohol. Leslie is drunk within two shots and I cannot breathe from laughing so hard. “Everybody pants now! Pants pants pants pants pants.”

Like a true champion, Ron downs the entire jug of alcohol and sends Tammy One “back to hell.” Thank God. The episode was made perfect if only for seeing Leslie so intoxicated she can’t form coherent thoughts.

“The Incentive” | Season 8 Episode 2

Dwight is continuing his under the radar approach for taking over Andy’s position of Branch Manager. Good ‘ol Dwight. The new triangle-shaped tablets that Dunder Mifflin is trying to sell are ridiculous, by the way. How would I hold that thing?

Robert California strolls into the office and, as always, the staff goes ass-over-face to impress him. My favourite thing this episode has got to be Erin bringing Robert a cold cup of coffee because she offered him a cold beverage and he answered “coffee.” Not the sharpest tool in the shed that Erin.

Robert’s request for the branch to double their revenue sends a shock wave through the staff, and Andy has no idea what to do to encourage them to do better. I know that Andy will pull something out of a hat. Which, of course, he does! An incentive program is cooked up and quickly the staff gets out of hand with what they can earn with points. Andy is totally getting something tattooed on his rear and I cannot wait.

Jim, the devious bastard, has the office in a frenzy. Everyone is quickly earning points. Even Stanley, who is normally the office buzz-kill, is working hard. At the end of the day, the office has 5000 points and many ideas are cooked up for what Andy is going to get tattooed on his ass. Thankfully, as a surprise, Andy ends up with a nard dog on his behind. Awww, that’s his nickname. I love Andy.

Note: This is edit 3C.


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