The Start of Something New

I think congratulations are in order. I’ve managed to continue writing a blog that is longer than a single entry. Go me!

This entry in Thursday Nights marks my first real reviews of my favourite NBC sitcoms. Eager to hear my thoughts on the premiere episodes? Thought so.

However meager the ratings were for NBC last Thursday evening, each of the premieres of Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office started out with a compelling story line to begin their seasons. Community continued to poke references to other shows but also made promises to the audience about what to expect for their third season. Parks and Recreation embarked on an exciting new plot line for Leslie Knope’s character that quickly answered one of my previous thoughts about the season. In the premiere of The Office, not only was James Spader introduced as the CEO of Dunder Mifflin, a startling contrast to Kathy Bates’ character from last season, but Andy is now the branch manager.

NOTE: Click on the episode titles to watch the full episode online at CityTV and Global.

“Biology 101” | Season 3 Episode 1

The premiere began with a parody of the popular TV show Glee, one of the writers’ favourite shows to mock. I can only hope the show keeps its promise to be more creative! A big declaration was from Jeff and Annie when they said they would “sleep together.” I’m not a big fan of those two shacking up, and I’m not afraid to say it’s because of my undying love for Britta. But hey, if Britta can get behind it, maybe I can, too.

Pierce, played by the hilarious Chevy Chase, left the group at the end of last season, and it just doesn’t feel right without him according to all of the members, except Jeff. I know Pierce isn’t an easy character to love, or even like, but the dynamic is thrown off without his inclusion. I’m glad he came waltzing back into our lives this episode.

When Jeff is booted out of the class and Pierce gets in, I’m rolling my eyes. This episode reminded me that Community’s plots aren’t the greatest episode-to-episode, it’s the over-arching plots that keep me watching. Jim Rash’s character of the Dean is met with John Goodman, a new, and hopefully recurring, guest star. He’s always a nice sight to see on any sitcom that’s on the air. As always, the episode ends happily. Thank you writers for sparing my feelings!

“I’m Leslie Knope” | Season 4 Episode 1

I was on edge this entire episode waiting to see what Leslie would do about choosing between her career and Ben. Ben and Leslie are one of my favourite on-screen couples and to see them break up for whatever reason would surely break my heart. I told you last week that I develop strong feelings towards characters. I was not lying.

Bursting my ‘shipper bubble, Ron sprints onto the scene, literally dragging Leslie away from BFF Ann and announcing to her his upcoming 228 day absence to escape his first ex-wife, Tammy One. Leslie’s expression of shock at this information is priceless. I cannot get enough of Amy Poehler’s face.

Leslie telling us how long she has waited for this moment in her career only drives home the point that anything that stands in her way between her and winning this city election will be destroyed. Including her relationship. For now, however, she avoids breaking up with Ben, since she loves him and he loves her and they’re pretty much the cutest couple on the planet. I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away.

Meanwhile, Ann and everyone else in the Parks department is sent an email containing a photo of a penis. You read that correctly, a penis.

[Ann’s phone buzzes]
Do you need to get that?
Ann: No, it’s just penises.


My heart begins to break when Leslie realizes that she has to break up with Ben. Ben, being a smart guy, already knows about Leslie’s decision to run for city council and (thank God) they break up amicably. Ben even provides Leslie with a Knope 2012 pin. I need to get me one of those!

“The List” | Season 8 Episode 1

To start out the season, various members of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch are found “planking” around the office. This got a laugh out of me. It reminded me of all the stupid pictures I saw on Facebook of people doing the same thing around my hometown. It’s just like The Office to pick up a current act or saying and run with it. I smile so wide when James Spader arrives. He does comedy so well and I’m pumped to see what he’ll do with Robert California.

Andy being made branch manager is an odd choice, if I do say so myself. Stanley has come up with a new and hysterical way to amuse himself. He starts by giving people seemingly good advice but then ends with “and then shove it up your butt!” Maybe not the most inventive of quips, but I’m laughing every time he says it.

Ah, the credits without Steve Carell is a sad thing indeed. And that will be the first and last time I mention him in this entry. I’m preventing my own sadness. Thankfully, James Spader is doing a fabulous job of distracting me from You-Know-Who’s absence. Robert has a rather amusing exchange with Erin (“When I ask you to recount your day, never say you woke up. It’s a waste of your time. That’s how every day has begun for everyone since the dawn of man.” DEAD FROM LULZ.) I’m loving the impact Robert is having over the office already. This whole left-side/right-side thing is genius.

Robert invites the left side out to lunch with him, and the right side is left in the office only to speculate what’s going on at the lunch for left-siders. After Dwight’s push, Robert declares the left side winners and the right losers. This is followed by a comical display of the ‘winners’ looking down upon the ‘losers’ when they’re back together at the office. Andy publicly asks Robert to clear up this division, and Andy truly proves himself a great leader by sticking up for the ‘losers’ to Robert. A great start to the season. I’m excited to see what Andy and Robert will do in their new positions in Dunder Mifflin.

Note: This is edit 2D.


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