All Hallows’ Evening

As always with my reviews, I’m a little behind from when the episodes air to when I get to review them. I like to keep my linear-like method in tact, so this week I’ll be reviewing all of the Halloween episodes from a couple weeks ago.

Following my recent tradition of sharing a video I enjoyed watching before posting my reviews, I’ve got another one here for you. What I love about magazines like TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly is that they tend to shoot video of their stars while doing a photo shoot. This usually brings about cute little interviews like this one:

I love the Parks cast so much. They all seem to have so much fun together and this thing they have going, where they make up ridiculous stories of one another, I love it.

On with my reviews! Happy reading!

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Three for Three

Prepping for my reviews is something I do every week. Usually that means eating breakfast and watching the episodes again so all of the jokes are fresh in my mind, but this week I decided I wanted to do something different. Bloopers or gag reels are always a laugh riot on the sets of sitcoms, so I watched a few videos on YouTube. Here’s Community’s first part of their second season bloopers:

Just by looking at this week’s set of episode titles I know I’m in for a good hour of laughs while I re-watch and review. As always, the reviews start behind the cut. Happy reading!

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A Few Filler Episodes

The week before Halloween is always a spooky time, isn’t it? I’m hearing more and more about the upcoming Halloween themed episodes for my favourite NBC comedies. Take a peek at what’s in store for Ben when April and Andy throw a party at their house:

Looks like Ben’s being his usual party-pooper self. I hope someone gets a few drinks into him and he’ll liven up a bit. As always, reviews are after the cut! Happy reading!

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The Succeeding Episodes

Another week, another set of reviews! The set of episodes I’m reviewing this week are episode 2 of each show’s new season. This way I’ll have the first five episodes of each show’s new season reviewed by the end of November. Keep coming back to read my thoughts on the new episodes after they air!

As always, a link to each episode will follow the heading, and I’ll be adding pictures and a poll to every entry. Happy reading!

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